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Infusion Sriracha Soy Sauce (Less Sodium/Gluten Free)

Infusion Sriracha Soy Sauce (Less Sodium/Gluten Free)

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57% Less Sodium than regular soy sauce, Gluten Free, No Sugar, Keto. Made from premium soybeans with perfect amount of red jalapeno peppers to excite your tastebuds. Traditionally fermented and naturally brewed Japanese soy sauce, infused and bottled in Canada. Ideal choice for seafood, salad, and it is also perfect for seasoning and marinating.

Made in B.C.

Made with real peppers. Don’t forget to shake it up!

It is all about the flavour!

10/10 on flavour and 4/10 on the heat. Sriracha flavour up front and finishes with the perfect amount of heat.


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