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Holy Duck Spot Prawn Supreme Chili Oil

Holy Duck Spot Prawn Supreme Chili Oil

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A culinary collaboration that set taste buds alight, having you scream 'Holy smokin' prawns!' 

Joining forces with Vancouver's Fresh Ideas Start Here, purveyor of the freshest Spot Prawns from British Columbia, HOLY DUCK CHILI present to you this iconic crispy chili oil creation harnessing the essence of BC spot prawns, infused with the rich, savory juice from the prawns' heads. The marriage of flavors is exquisite, elevating your favorite foods to new heights of spicy indulgence!

Balancing heat and flavor, this chili oil boasts a heart-warming spice that allow the aromatics of the peppers to shine through. A harmonized blend of Chinese spices added depth, while crispy morsels of fried garlic and shallots provides a satisfying crunch with each bite!

Ingredients: Prawn oil (prawn head, canola oil), Canola oil, Fried garlic (garlic, cornstarch, vegetable oil), Red chili pepper, Fried shallot (shallot, cornstarch, vegetable oil), Sesame oil (sesame), Facing heaven chili pepper, Salt, Sugar, Fermented black bean (black bean, salt, ginger), Red and green Sichuan peppercorn, Shiitake mushroom powder, Kombu powder, Ground garlic, Bonito (dried skipjack) Ground ginger, Curry powder, Lemongrass, Dill, Bay leaf, Spices, Lemon salt

Contains: Milk, Fish, Crustaceans 

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