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Dawson's Big Smoke Chipotle Hot Sauce


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Dawson's Big Smoke Chipotle Hot Sauce - Lucifer's House of Heat

Dawson's Big Smoke Chipotle Hot Sauce (5oz) - Loaded with pepper flavor, this sauce packs a flavorful punch. Look for the distinct tastes of Chipotle, Scotch Bonnet, Jalapeno and Red Sheppard, as well as fresh green chilis & spicy Vietnamese hots. This varied combination activates heat receptors all over the mouth making this sauce a unique tasting treat.

  • Made with Chipotles & a small army of other fresh peppers bring 'Big Smoke' and its bold taste to life.
  • No added preservatives and the highest quality of produce
  • Usable on anything that needs a kick of smoke, try it with pork, brisket, burritos, pizza or as a dip mixed with mayonnaise.
  • 7/10 on the heat scale (Medium/Hot)

Made in Canada

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